Edinburgh Spy Week draws on the experience and assistance of a number of different people. Read on to find out more about them:

Laura Bradley

Dr Laura Bradley

Laura is Senior Lecture in German at the University of Edinburgh.  She works on the relationship between culture and politics, including factors such as state policy and censorship, and artistic experimentation in theatre, film, television and literature.  She is currently working on representations of crime in East German film and television. Her research has a strong historical focus, and she has worked extensively in a wide range of archives in the former GDR.

Paul Crosthwaite

Dr Paul Crosthwaite

Paul is a Lecturer in the Department of English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. Interested in how art and literature engage with information, money, and markets, he is a curator of the exhibition “Show Me the Money: The Image of Finance, 1700 to the Present” and is currently finishing a book entitled Speculative Investments: Finance, Feeling, and Representation in Contemporary Literature and Culture.

Charles Cumming

Charles Cumming

Born in Scotland, Charles Cumming graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh.  He is one Britain’s most acclaimed contemporary authors of espionage fiction and his books include A Spy by Nature, Typhoon, The Trinity Six and A Foreign Country.  His most recent novel, A Colder War, appeared in 2014.

‘Cumming is a man put on earth to perpetuate the spy thriller’ Daily Telegraph

Lilian Edwards

Lilian Edwards

Lilian is Professor of Internet Law at Strathclyde University.  Her principal research interests are in the law relating to the Internet, the Web and new technologies, with a European and comparative focus. She has co-edited three bestselling collections on Law and the Internet and her work in on-line consumer privacy won the Barbara Wellbery Memorial Prize for the best solution to the problem of privacy and transglobal data flows.

Kieron O’Hara

Kieron O'Hara

Kieron O’Hara is a senior research fellow in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, researching into privacy, trust, transparency and security in Web technologies. He is the author of The Spy in the Coffee Machine and Trust: from Socrates to Spin.  His latest book, The Devil’s Long Tail: Religious and Other Radicals in the Internet Marketplace (with David Stevens), is published by Hurst in the UK and Oxford University Press in the USA.

Daniel Pembrey

Daniel Pembrey

Daniel Cooper graduated with a First in Social and Economic History at the University of Edinburgh. He worked for Amazon in Seattle for ten years, then switched from selling books to writing them; he now writes European noir fiction under his pen name Daniel Pembrey. One of his books, The Candidate, has just been optioned for a film in Luxembourg.

James Robertson

James Robertson

©Robin Gillanders

James Robertson is one of Scotland’s leading novelists. His novels are explorations of darker aspects of Scottish character, and political and social history: The Fanatic came out in 2000, and Joseph Knight in 2003, the winner of both the Saltire Scottish Book of the Year Award and the Scottish Arts Council Book of the Year Award. The Testament of Gideon Mack appeared in 2006, and And the Land Lay Still in 2010, another winner of the Saltire Scottish Book of the Year Award.  His most recent novel is The Professor of Truth.

‘One of Britain’s best contemporary novelists’, Irvine Welsh, The Guardian

Tim Stevens


Tim Stevens is the author of fourteen action/espionage thrillers including  Ratcatcher, Severance Kill and Omega Dog. More than 50,000 copies of his self-published books have been sold since 2012.

He lives near London where he works full-time as a doctor in the NHS.