Filmhouse Season: Paranoid State

Dates: 10-14 April 2016

Venue: Filmhouse Cinema, 88 Lothian Road


Sunday 10 April: Bridge of Spies (Steven Spielberg, USA, 2015) –  Q&A with Vin Arthey** (17:30)

Tuesday 12 April: The Conversation (Francis Ford Coppola, USA, 1974) – (20:35)

Wednesday 13 April: Bad Timing (Nicolas Roeg, UK, 1980) – (20:35)

Thursday 14 April: Shiri / Swiri (Kang Je-Gyu, South Korea, 1999) –  (20:15)

All films will be introduced by Dr David Sorfa, Film Studies, University of Edinburgh.

In this season of films, we explore the mental condition of spies and voyeurs as they begin to find it increasingly difficult to tell the difference between reality and imagination. The paranoid individual shows a “pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others” (DSM-5) but in an atmosphere in which neither their own perceptions nor society as a whole can be trusted, we enter the condition of the all-pervasive Paranoid State. The political and the psychological converge as paranoia blurs the distinction between the self and the system.

We begin with Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated Bridge of Spies, co-scripted by Joel and Ethan Coen, before moving on to two classics of psychological melt-down as Gene Hackman and Art Garfunkel slowly lose the plot in The Conversation and Bad Timing. We end in South Korea with action-packed sleeper-spy romance Shiri.

Trust no one, least of all yourself.

** Vin Arthey is the author of Abel: The True Story of the Spy They Traded for Gary Powers (Biteback 2015) and holds a PhD for his research on the life of KGB spy William Fisher aka Rudolf Abel. He has produced award-winning film and television for Tyne Tees TV. He now concentrates on biographical writing and on Cold War and espionage history. Vin is a Visiting Fellow at Teesside University.

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